2019 Legislation Information

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Monday through Friday 8am - Noon and 1pm - 4:30pm


SupportSB5282Informed Consent for pelvic examsLiias, Cleveland, Darneille, Short, Kuderer, et alSen. Health & LT Care

SupportSB5399Child Relocation by a person with joint decision-making auth.Pedersen, Walsh, Dhingra, Frockt, et alSen. Law & Just.

SupportSB5092Providing Flexibility to school districtsFortunatoSen. Early Learning

SupportHB1050Concerning Parenting PlansWalsh, Shea, Young, Hse. Civ. Rights & Jud.

SupportSB5185Parental Notification of Minor Seeking AbortionPadden, Warnick, Sheldon, et alSen. Law & Just.

SupportSB5173Mandatory Reporting of AbuseO'Ban, Honeyford, WagonerSen. Law & Just.

SupportSB5365Concerning Vaccination and Anti-Body TiterWagoner, Padden, Bailey, WilsonSen. Health & LT Care

SupportHB1526Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection ActVan Weurven, Kraft, SheaHse. Health Care/Well

SupportHB1560Prohibition of certain types of abortionsKlippert, SheaHse. Health Care/Well

SupportHB1635Relating to requiring public libraries to adopt internet safety policiesCaldier, Frame, Van Werven, Chambers, et alHse. Local Gov't

SupportSB5718Establishing Child Welfare Housing AssistanceSaldana, Hasegawa, Das, O'BanSen. Human Services

OpposeHB1106Eliminating use of detention for violation of a truancy-related court orderOrwallHse. Civ. Rights & Jud.

OpposeHB1175Authorization of health care decisions by nonfamilyKilduff, Irwin, Jinkins, KlippertHse. Civ. Rights & Jud.

OpposeSB5082Social Emotional LearningMcCoy, Hasegawa, Kuderer, SaldanaSen. Early Learning

OpposeSB5221Disclosing PAC to PAC donations/donorsPalumbo, Rivers, Billig, WellmanSen. State Gov

OpposeSB5333Changes to Uniform Parentage ActPedersen, RiversSen. Law & Just.

OpposeHB1104Submission of a waiver to the fed to create WA Health Security TrustAppletonHse. Health Care/Well

OpposeSB5222Universal Health CareHasegawa, Hunt, KeiserSen. Health & LT Care

OpposeSB5342Providing Non-Binary gender categoryRandall, Wilson C., Das, Hunt, Pedersen, et alSen. State Gov

OpposeSB5395Requiring CSEWilson, C., Keiser, Saladana, et alSen. Early Learning

OpposeSB5356Establishing the WA State LGBTQ CommissionWilson C., Randall, Das, Darnielle, et alSen. State Gov

OpposeHB1407Requiring CSEStonier, Goodman, Orwall, Jikins, Santos, el alHse. Education

OpposeSB5602Eliminating barriers to reproductive healthRandall, Wilson C., Nguyen, Das, Saldana, et alSen. Health & LT Care

OpposeHB1638Relating to promoting immunity against vaccine-preventable diseasesHarris, Stonier, Robinson, Macri, Jinkins, et atHse. Health Care/Well

OpposeSB5683Universal Home Visiting ProgramsWellman, Hasegawa, Keiser, Wilson C., DarneilleSen. Early Learning

NeutralHB1095Relating to administration of marijuana to studentsBlake, Walsh, JinkinsHse. Health Care/Well

NeutralSB5001Concerning human remains.Pedersen, King, Rivers, Keiser,Sen. Labor & Comm.

NeutralHB5442Relating to administration of marijuana to studentsTakkoSen. Early Learning

InterestedHB1575Strengthening the rights of workers, addressing authorizations, dues, and feesStonier, Valdez, Ryu, Sells, Chapman, Cody, et alHse. Labor

InterestedHB1551Modernizing control of certain communicable diseasesJinkins, Cody, Stonier, by request of DOHHse. Health Care/Well

ConcernedHB1376Relating to Faith-Based Exemptions to Criminal Mistreatment of ChildrenSells, Klippert, SennHse. Civ. Rights & Jud.

ConcernedHB1377Affordable housing development on religious org. propertyWalen, Barkis, Jenkin, Harris, SpringerHse. Housing

ConcernedHB1259Concerning the uniform guardianship, conservatorship, and other protective arrangements act.Jinkins, Harris, Tharinger, et alHse. Civ. Rights & Jud.

ConcernedSB5112Concerning the efficient administration of campaign finance and public disclosure reporting and enforcement.Hunt, Zeiger, KudererSen. State Gov

ConcernedSB5411Physician Assistant to perform abortions?Kuderer, Honeyford, Randall, King, WagonerSen. Health & LT Care

ConcernedSB5494Baby Court InitiativeZeiger, Darneille, Walsh, NguyenSen. Human Services

ConcernedSB5576Comprehensive init. to improve climate science literacyWilson, C., Nguyen, Palumbo, WarnickSen. Early Learning

ConcernedSB5644Relating to the hosting of the homeless by religious orgDarnielle, Nguyen, Pedersen, et alSen. Housing Stab

ConcernedHB1650Relating to promoting access to earned benefits for LGBT vetsKilduff, Reeves, Orwall, Leavitt, et alHse. Housing

ConcernedSB5689Concerning Harassment, intimidation in public schoolsLiias, Saldana, Pedersen, et alSen. Early Learning

ConcernedSB5681Concerning Domestic ViolenceDhingra, Das, Pedersen, et alSen. Law & Just.

We are still establishing final positions on many bills, so if you have insight into any on this list or others, please let me know.  Thank you.  These bills will make their way up to our Legislative Hub this week, but at least you'll have them in front of you here.


Please note SB5602, Eliminating Barriers to Reproductive Health, is a huge expansion of last year's "Abortion Mandate" bill (SB6219).  The bill would require tax-payer coverage for cross-sex hormones, gender transition surgery, and all other transition-related health-care services including reproductive/fertility insurance to cover egg/sperm storage and in-vitro fertilization.  The legislation also expands last year's bill to cover student health insurance.  The bill requires coverage for not just the student but also the partner of the student which seems to be extremely broad coverage. This is much broader than faith-based schools because taxpayers are funding all the controversial services above for students and they’re partners. Tax-payers would be paying for Plan B, abortifacients, as well.


This is certainly the worst proposal among several others, including requiring Comprehensive Sex Education in every school district, creating a Universal home visit program to families with newborns, and providing 3rd-gender or non-binary options on official documents.

We will, of course, be supporting the several pro-life bills listed above, and we are excited to see bi-partisan support for a measure that would require libraries to install systems on their computers to protect children from seeing obscene and harmful materials.  More on all these to come.

This spreadsheet is on our website and will be updated as hearing dates are announced.  Just click here and share with family and friends.

Until then pray, mobilize your friends and family, and speak up in your churches.  

Yesterday, over one thousand hairdressers came to Olympia to protest proposed legislation.  If one thousand hairdressers can find the time and energy to fill the halls-of-power there, we certainly can find thousands of Christians who will stand in the public square for God's Truth.

Family Policy Institute of Washington will continue to monitor the flow of legislation and begin to provide talking points on the key bills above.  Stay tuned.


Find your district and representatives.

District Representatives:

1st Suzan DelBene (DMedina)DemocraticNovember 13, 2012 – present

2nd Rick Larsen (DLake Stevens)DemocraticJanuary 3, 2001 – present

3rd Jaime Herrera Beutler (RCamas)RepublicanJanuary 3, 2011 – present

4th Dan Newhouse (RSunnyside)RepublicanJanuary 3, 2015 – present

5th Cathy McMorris Rodgers (RColville)RepublicanJanuary 3, 2005 – present

6th Derek Kilmer (DArtondale)DemocraticJanuary 3, 2013 – present

7th Pramila Jayapal (DSeattle)DemocraticJanuary 3, 2017 – present

8th Dave Reichert (RAuburn)RepublicanJanuary 3, 2005 – present

9th Adam Smith (DBellevue)DemocraticJanuary 3, 1997 – present

10th Dennis Heck (DOlympia)DemocraticJanuary 3, 2013 – present